Houseboat Cruise through God's own Country Kerala Backwaters

Houseboat Cruise through God's own Country Kerala Backwaters

For taking some tranquil experiences worth mesmerizing in Kerala the best option would be, ‘A houseboat cruise in Kerala’. The backwaters boating in Kerala is a wonderful experience with the waters having an eco-system with aquatic plant, beautiful birds with scenic beauty.

The backwaters are large and include fantastic experience on the cruise with cultural performances and good food. The crew members are very friendly and one of the best host that one could ever find. They ensure that their guests are completely in comfort and meet all the needs of the guests from staying to food and other facilities. Initially, the crew members always welcome the guests with refreshments & drinks.

Once the guests are lodged into the boat, they are can keep their luggage in the room and do some sight seeing’s. Kerala is one of the best places on earth to visit with its beauty and pristine nature. The absolute peace and silence which it offers is something like experiencing heaven and the food offered with wide range of taste completes one’s heavenly experience. Any individual getting a chance once in life should visit Kerala and the backwaters boats. It has beautiful beaches, greenery and lowlands, sky scrapping mountains, lakes and some best locations perfect for couples.

The village life is awesome in Kerala as the boat travels through the narrow canals showing some parts of the village.  People in Kerala are very hospitable.  They offer some best traditional foods and relaxing methods for health like head massage etc.

Taste of Kerala

Kerala offers a taste which is very delicious and different from other foods. The main ingredient in the food is coconut which makes all the dishes very unique. The local snacks comprises of tapioca, banana chips, marmalade sweets with cherries and nuts, some flour dishes to have with tea.

Breakfast traditionally comprises of some awesome dishes made from coconut and bananas. The main menu comprises of wide range of traditional dishes like fish curry, fried fish, cheemeen pollichathu and meat which includes both light and spiced filled. Guests can choose from the menu card wide range like rice, kadi dal, sea food like Kozhikode biryanis, prawns, mutton curry, coconut flavored non-veg curries, chicken stew with appam is very famous dish.

One thing is for sure the guests will always cherish and savor the taste of Kerala both in food as well as culture.


Kumarakom is another beautiful lake which is linked with the Arabian Sea coast and other different rivers and lake through canals. Kettuvallams house boats offered in the house boat lagoons comes with wide range of packages and features. These lagoons after travelling till some distances stop in the middle of the emerald green lake for lunch, dinner etc. with lights, lake beauties like lotus, hyacinth etc. which makes the guest feels so good and heavenly. Imaging having your lunch with your loved one in the middle of a huge lake connecting with so many river channels and seas ! It’s almost like a treat from God of earth.


Pathiramanal is another beautiful green district located in Alappuzha which has a lot of things worth seeing for the guests. The island has sand on both the sides with water in the center which is a beautiful site. It also has greenery with huge green trees on both sides which are a home to many different kinds of creatures and birds. It takes half an hour drive by motor boat to reach the location.

It is also known as a bird’s paradise island with some species like -

  • pintail ducks
  •  common teal & night heron
  • Cormorant
  • Darter
  • Indian shag
  • purple heron
  • gulls & terns
  • large egrets with pink neck
  •  intermediate egret
  • cattle egret
  • Indian pond heron
  •  pheasant-tailed jacanas
  • stork-billed kingfisher
  • watercock
  • whistling duck
  • cotton pygmy-goose
  • little cormorant
  • whiskered tern

This just an over view list of birds. But when travelling the island on boats and houseboat cruise the guests will surely love the beautiful chirping and noise combinations of these birds which is worth listening and the place worth visiting. The birds including many other migratory birds come from around the world which is a very rare seen that one can avail.


Vembanadu Backwaters

Vembanad kol backwaters are brackish water system which comprises of unique bio-diversity. The house boats cruise are always filled with different kinds of tourist. It features includes wetlands, ecosystem, bird views etc. The backwaters are one longest lake which comprises of many small islands like mulavukad, vallarpadam, etc. So the tourist can now enjoy other islands also in their boat ride.  Additionally, there’s also a boat race that is conducted in the portions of lake. So if the guests choose the right season they can even see the race. The wetlands of the backwaters are famous which has been under the National wetlands conservation program for its care and restoration.

It has many kettuvallams plied on with many bank resorts. The boat cruise will be interesting with bird sanctuary  view which is situated on the east of the lake. The vembanadu backwaters have international importance with many kinds of shrimps and other agricultural produce through it. Fishing is also done in the waters with high produce of fresh fishes.

There are many things worth seeing in the vembanadu backwaters boat cruise with additional services like day refreshment and other extra services for tourist wanting to stay long.

The boat cruise also rides through the small islands and other lakes so tourist can have many benefits in one boat ride like seeing many islands, lakes, sea, then other cultivations like shrimp, wetland view etc.

It also offers the bird sanctuary view which comprises of many migratory birds resting in the islands during the day time which is rare view. It also takes the tourist through many villages and other locations which makes the backwater boat cruise trip although more fascinating. The best time to visit the vembanadu backwaters or take the boat cruise is during Oman, which make the entire place alive with festive season lights and cultural programs.