Magnificent Houseboats Kerala

Houseboats: Houseboats in Kerala are very famous and follow and maintain the same kettuvellams era. But the house boats are a bot different from the kettuvellam era’s as these boats are built with luxury and space with separate rooms and bathrooms attached. There are plenty of options for the tourist to choose different types of houseboats and also deck options now which is new a system. The houseboats consists of various kinds of decks like three deck, four deck, five decker upper house boats.

The tourist can hire private houseboats also. Kumarakam house boats works in all kinds of backwaters including vembanand backwaters too. The houseboats have vast spread of different accommodations and ultra modern amenities for customers. The costs are very reasonable.

Houseboats with upper deck

Many tourist and people love houseboats with upper deck and the number of tourist demand for the upper deck has increased especially among the corporate community. The number of rooms and leisure’s it accommodates are very comfortable with a perfect space and atmosphere where the tourist can manage their work as well as holidays. Tourist can also take the houseboats for their corporate business purpose like conference meetings and additionally can even enjoy their lunch with their corporate counterparts. The house-boats with upper deck are all with a/c. and ultra modern gadget which also includes audio-video presentation, TV circuit, video conferencing, internet facility, intercom, wireless communication facility etc.

International standards & other safety measures - Houseboats

The houseboats are used by all kinds of people including the elites at large. International standards are followed and even the cuisine is served under the guidance of international chefs. So the tourist can now expect traditional as well as international standard dishes. Foods served are both customized and ethnic. The boats also carry all kinds of safety measures, which include fire pumps, life jackets, life rafts, lifeguards.

Upper deck houseboat features -

The upper deck houseboats are made of bamboo, coconut fiber ropes and it also includes coir carpets that allows tourist to enjoy the scenic beauty of the backwaters. The upper deckhouse boats take perfect care of the a/c and other power generator facility. The bio-tanks used by the houseboat are certified tanks by the central laboratory. The backwater and other water supply are perfectly taken care preventing any kind of damage and pollutions.

Rice boat journey

Rice boats also known as kettuvellams were used to transport goods in olden times. Now the same boats are back with additional features. It was also built from jackfruit logs, leashed with coconut fiber, coconut nails. These are the amazing houseboats.

Punting houseboats

Punting houseboats are surrounded by nature in an intricate way. The punting houseboats have a mesmerizing form of punts rising skywards and descending in to the water slicing backwaters is something worth experiencing. In punting houseboats the tourist can have two punters along with themselves and can cook themselves or with the group of tourist and their needs are also served well.

Other luxurious houseboats –

  • Gold star ultra plush and deluxe category
  • Silver stars
  • Green palm punting houseboats-non-mechanized

Grandeur houseboats -

Grandeur house boats comprises of 60 professionally-trained crew members. The collection of this houseboat features some popular destinations like alleppey backwaters, kumarakam backwaters and thottapally backwaters. The prices are cost effective.

Pickadly houseboats-

Pickadly houseboats offer a nice 2 bed room classic houseboat and 4 bed room deluxe houseboats. Other additional features like bathroom, balcony, living room and a separate kitchen are also available.

Other Kerala houseboat/valloms includes the following -

  • Chundans (Snake boats)
  • Veppu valloms,
  • Iruttukutty
  • Thekkan Oddy

Conclusion: There are several kinds of houseboats with different kinds of features and all the house boats have exquisite features worth experiencing including the deck feature.