Houseboat Cruise Through God's own Country Kerala Backwaters

A houseboat cruise in Kerala is a uniquely different experience that must not be missed. Read on to see why I refer to this experience as ‘different’. For the purpose of this review, I decided to go on a houseboat cruise, not as a tour operator but as a regular tourist. For our wedding anniversary this July, I booked a houseboat (under a different name, of course) and didn’t inform the crew about it. I’ve done this experiment in the past with hotels too, in order to experience things firsthand. We got in to the houseboat at 12 Noon from one of the jetties in Alleppey. As soon as embarked, my first impression was that the boat crew was warm and cheerful as they welcomed us with light refreshments. The booking agent introduced us to the crew and left us with a warm smile. As the boat slowly departed, we were shown around to our rooms. We left our luggage in the room and came back out into the open to do a little sightseeing.

Kerala is one of the most romantic, beautiful natural attractions of the world. It can attract a traveler with vast expanse of beaches, green shades of palm trees, lowlands, and sky scraping mountains, placid lakes and some of the most picture- perfect locations of the world..

The boat cruised along narrow canals where we saw the full glory of village life. People traveled in canoes to reach the main land as many houses there do not have an approach road. Even children were using canoes the way we use cycles and bikes to move around. It was amazing! We passed by other boats and it was a delight to see the guests there having a ‘Wow’ expression on their faces.

Taste of Kerala

The boat gradually moved towards the lake and this was a completely different experience. We felt lost in the wide expanse, while also feeling like royalty. Just before we drifted on to the lake, the guide stopped at a small toddy shop where we could buy local snacks like tapioca, fish curry, Karimeen fry and obviously, toddy!.


  • This chain of lagoons in India along the Arabian Sea coast is fed by 38 different rivers and contains five lakes all linked by canals.
  • The most notable feature of these lagoons is the kettuvallams (houseboats). There are over 2000 of them in the backwaters.
  • Originally, the kettuvallams were used as grain barges to transport rice harvested in the fertile areas surrounding the backwaters.

The boat stopped for lunch by 1 PM right in the middle of the lake, making us feel all the more awesome. After it was anchored, the boat started slowly rotating on its own. We loved the feeling it gave us, and we had a really good time. For lunch we were served fish fry, chappathis, rice and a few more dishes. They prepared the food differently, and it tasted superb. After we had our lunch, and the crew had theirs, the cruise resumed.


By 5:30 PM, the boat was docked near its owner’s house. The boats usually have their own regular parking slots. The boat’s TV was connected to the cable in the owner’s house and we were able to watch television for some time. We spent more time roaming around, though. By 8 PM, dinner was served, and we hit the bed by 10 PM. Let me tell you, sleeping on a floating boat is very different!

We got up in the morning to sounds from the village, songs from a temple nearby, the gentle thumps of village folk washing their clothes and the squeals of children playing. It was an amazing experience! I wish I could get up like this every day! By 8 AM, we were done with our break fast and we started cruising back to check out from boat. We left the boat by 9 AM, and our remarkable trip came to an end.

Vembanadu Backwaters

There are a few things every one should have in mind while undertaking a houseboat cruise. The boat is travelling on water, so you cannot expect it to be as big or as comfortable as a hotel room. You will have to make sure the boat’s door and windows are closed by 6 PM. If they aren’t, mosquitoes will enter in, and it will not be that easy to get rid of them.

The houseboat will look very different from the photos you might find on the internet. Those photographs might have been taken the day the boat was built. Continuous exposure to sunlight will make a difference in how your boat actually looks. But your houseboat will be clean and tidy. If it is not, you can inform the crew and make sure it is tended to. Try to maintain good relations with the crew. If you would like to tip them, do it during the cruise rather than after it’s over.

Don’t set your expectations too high by perusing pictures on the internet. Your houseboat will not be like a hotel room, which requires cooperation from both the sides in order for you to have a great experience.

My honest suggestion is this: book houseboats to experience something different, not to have all the luxuries you can find in a hotel. It is a different kind of experience, but definitely, not one to be missed.

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You should read that Page from your Life

Going for a trip to Kerala is as effortless and pleasing as a slide all the way through its polished backwaters. From the coasts that are completely filled up with the coconut palm trees and gently sloping tea hills to the tiger and elephant reserves, this willowy state has a numerous ecstasies to put forward. This is an amazing part of south and is immensely popular for its superior spices in combination with action-packed trading port like “fort Kochi”. At this breathtaking place you will encounter the white grubby beaches that are located in a single file with the huge looking coconut palms and also the giant nets for the purpose of fishing, which are speckled by the side of the beach at the sunset hour.

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Yes,I found creativity of God from his Own country,Kerala

MyHouseboats.comKerala is also known as God’s Own Country, it is the land of beautiful backwaters, palms and lagoons, tigers and elephants, and the land of rich tradition is one of the most sought after places by visitors all across the globe. The state is stacked with lovely places on the earth and that’s why they call it ‘God’s Own Country’. The culture of Kerala is equally beautiful and is a prime factor in drawing attention of tourists. Here we have selected topmost destination that a travel freak person must explore in Kerala

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Yes Its Beautiful,Its an another Country inside India

Kerala, popularly identified as God’s Own Country is one of the most sought after vacationer destinations in Asia. Discover the mysterious beauty of Kerala that never fails to magnetize travelers. The fascinating state is unquestionably blessed with a special feature called “Backwaters”. Kerala backwaters is a wide stretch of waterways that draws attention of scores of tourists every year. The backwater voyage calms your worried senses and in a twinkle of an eye, you are shipped to a heaven that leaves you longing for more..

Alleppey Houseboats: Bright Waters, Relaxing & Calm Cruise Experience

Alleppey House Boats: Bright Waters, Relaxing & Calm Cruise Experience

Alleppey houseboats: A tranquil journey through the backwaters of alleppey with the boat moving slowly through the lake is an experience that will rejuvenate you and your companions.  Alleppey backwaters offer lush green vegetation and beautiful imagery of Mother Nature, its greenery, peace making it known as Gods own place. The alleppey house boats are so beautifully and creatively build with modern furniture and all amenities and need of the tourist that it can also be called as, ‘Venice of the East’.

Allepppey houseboat offers its tourist with nature’s views and imaginary which is an unparalleled natural beauty with international significance. It is beauty comprises of dotted lakes and lagoons, shrimps, agricultural produce, birds paradise etc.

The alleppey houseboats have been specially revamped in the manner of Kettuvallams with facilities well-furnished bedrooms, air conditioned rooms, entertainment like TV. Stress can be eased easily by resting in the arms of nature.

Houseboats friendly packages -

The houseboats alleppey offers options like luxury, deluxe, and other packages from which the tourist can choose anyone. Alleppey houseboats have been made in such a way that the deal fits in with the budget of the tourist and their family.

Origin of houseboats -

Houseboats also traditionally known as kettuvalloms are rice boats that were used in the ancient days for the transport of goods from villages to other parts of the developed towns. Now they are back with major tourist attractions for and boat rides, which has become very fabulous and fascinating.

Alleppey houseboat features -

  • 67 feet in length
  • 13 feet width
  • local and eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, coir carpets materials
  • fully furnished single and double rooms
  • Sundeck private balcony
  • comfortable chairs
  • Kitchen and
  • toilet WC
  • Separate
  • single bedroom houseboats for two people
  • Two bedroom houseboats for four people.

Alleppey houseboats types -

  • Air conditioned premium houseboat- It offers3 premium houseboats with spacious living room area. It has a bedroom with attached bathroom. Central kitchen for the crew. It has a/c facility with complimentary beer, candle light dinner, floral and fruit gifts.
  • Air conditioned deluxe houseboat – It offers 10 a/c. houseboats which comprises of living room, balcony and bedroom attached with bathroom and kitchen. a/c. is available only at night.
  • Punting houseboats –It has two traditional houseboats with living room area, attached bathroom and kitchen.

The houseboat rates are affordable with customized packages and include all modern facilities. The online bookings facility through websites also helps choose the best package with minimum rates. Attractive offers are attached with seasonal deals, which are mentioned on the website link.

Cultural entertainment houseboats -

Alleppey houseboats specially hold some cultural entertainment also for their clients, on request besides the onam fest. It includes various arts and folk dances like kathakali, ottanthullal etc. at very cost effective rates.

Various Alleppey houseboat categories -

  • Standard
  • Heritage
  • Superior
  • Luxury
  • Deluxe
  • Premium
  • Honeymoon
  • Super deluxe

The tourist can choose any of the above packages and avail many benefits like seasonal, festive etc.

The allpeppy houseboats are very beautifully built and offer wide range of comfort and various class options. The rates are also fair and the offers are also worth experiencing. 

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Magnificent Houseboats Kerala

Houseboats: Houseboats in Kerala are very famous and follow and maintain the same kettuvellams era. But the house boats are a bot different from the kettuvellam era’s as these boats are built with luxury and space with separate rooms and bathrooms attached. There are plenty of options for the tourist to choose different types of houseboats and also deck options now which is new a system. The houseboats consists of various kinds of decks like three deck, four deck, five decker upper house boats.

The tourist can hire private houseboats also. Kumarakam house boats works in all kinds of backwaters including vembanand backwaters too. The houseboats have vast spread of different accommodations and ultra modern amenities for customers. The costs are very reasonable.

Houseboats with upper deck

Many tourist and people love houseboats with upper deck and the number of tourist demand for the upper deck has increased especially among the corporate community. The number of rooms and leisure’s it accommodates are very comfortable with a perfect space and atmosphere where the tourist can manage their work as well as holidays. Tourist can also take the houseboats for their corporate business purpose like conference meetings and additionally can even enjoy their lunch with their corporate counterparts. The house-boats with upper deck are all with a/c. and ultra modern gadget which also includes audio-video presentation, TV circuit, video conferencing, internet facility, intercom, wireless communication facility etc.

International standards & other safety measures - Houseboats

The houseboats are used by all kinds of people including the elites at large. International standards are followed and even the cuisine is served under the guidance of international chefs. So the tourist can now expect traditional as well as international standard dishes. Foods served are both customized and ethnic. The boats also carry all kinds of safety measures, which include fire pumps, life jackets, life rafts, lifeguards.

Upper deck houseboat features -

The upper deck houseboats are made of bamboo, coconut fiber ropes and it also includes coir carpets that allows tourist to enjoy the scenic beauty of the backwaters. The upper deckhouse boats take perfect care of the a/c and other power generator facility. The bio-tanks used by the houseboat are certified tanks by the central laboratory. The backwater and other water supply are perfectly taken care preventing any kind of damage and pollutions.

Rice boat journey

Rice boats also known as kettuvellams were used to transport goods in olden times. Now the same boats are back with additional features. It was also built from jackfruit logs, leashed with coconut fiber, coconut nails. These are the amazing houseboats.

Punting houseboats

Punting houseboats are surrounded by nature in an intricate way. The punting houseboats have a mesmerizing form of punts rising skywards and descending in to the water slicing backwaters is something worth experiencing. In punting houseboats the tourist can have two punters along with themselves and can cook themselves or with the group of tourist and their needs are also served well.

Other luxurious houseboats –

  • Gold star ultra plush and deluxe category
  • Silver stars
  • Green palm punting houseboats-non-mechanized

Grandeur houseboats -

Grandeur house boats comprises of 60 professionally-trained crew members. The collection of this houseboat features some popular destinations like alleppey backwaters, kumarakam backwaters and thottapally backwaters. The prices are cost effective.

Pickadly houseboats-

Pickadly houseboats offer a nice 2 bed room classic houseboat and 4 bed room deluxe houseboats. Other additional features like bathroom, balcony, living room and a separate kitchen are also available.

Other Kerala houseboat/valloms includes the following -

  • Chundans (Snake boats)
  • Veppu valloms,
  • Iruttukutty
  • Thekkan Oddy

Conclusion: There are several kinds of houseboats with different kinds of features and all the house boats have exquisite features worth experiencing including the deck feature. 

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Houseboat Cruise through God's own Country Kerala Backwaters

Houseboat Cruise through God's own Country Kerala Backwaters

For taking some tranquil experiences worth mesmerizing in Kerala the best option would be, ‘A houseboat cruise in Kerala’. The backwaters boating in Kerala is a wonderful experience with the waters having an eco-system with aquatic plant, beautiful birds with scenic beauty.

The backwaters are large and include fantastic experience on the cruise with cultural performances and good food. The crew members are very friendly and one of the best host that one could ever find. They ensure that their guests are completely in comfort and meet all the needs of the guests from staying to food and other facilities. Initially, the crew members always welcome the guests with refreshments & drinks.

Once the guests are lodged into the boat, they are can keep their luggage in the room and do some sight seeing’s. Kerala is one of the best places on earth to visit with its beauty and pristine nature. The absolute peace and silence which it offers is something like experiencing heaven and the food offered with wide range of taste completes one’s heavenly experience. Any individual getting a chance once in life should visit Kerala and the backwaters boats. It has beautiful beaches, greenery and lowlands, sky scrapping mountains, lakes and some best locations perfect for couples.

The village life is awesome in Kerala as the boat travels through the narrow canals showing some parts of the village.  People in Kerala are very hospitable.  They offer some best traditional foods and relaxing methods for health like head massage etc.

Taste of Kerala

Kerala offers a taste which is very delicious and different from other foods. The main ingredient in the food is coconut which makes all the dishes very unique. The local snacks comprises of tapioca, banana chips, marmalade sweets with cherries and nuts, some flour dishes to have with tea.

Breakfast traditionally comprises of some awesome dishes made from coconut and bananas. The main menu comprises of wide range of traditional dishes like fish curry, fried fish, cheemeen pollichathu and meat which includes both light and spiced filled. Guests can choose from the menu card wide range like rice, kadi dal, sea food like Kozhikode biryanis, prawns, mutton curry, coconut flavored non-veg curries, chicken stew with appam is very famous dish.

One thing is for sure the guests will always cherish and savor the taste of Kerala both in food as well as culture.


Kumarakom is another beautiful lake which is linked with the Arabian Sea coast and other different rivers and lake through canals. Kettuvallams house boats offered in the house boat lagoons comes with wide range of packages and features. These lagoons after travelling till some distances stop in the middle of the emerald green lake for lunch, dinner etc. with lights, lake beauties like lotus, hyacinth etc. which makes the guest feels so good and heavenly. Imaging having your lunch with your loved one in the middle of a huge lake connecting with so many river channels and seas ! It’s almost like a treat from God of earth.


Pathiramanal is another beautiful green district located in Alappuzha which has a lot of things worth seeing for the guests. The island has sand on both the sides with water in the center which is a beautiful site. It also has greenery with huge green trees on both sides which are a home to many different kinds of creatures and birds. It takes half an hour drive by motor boat to reach the location.

It is also known as a bird’s paradise island with some species like -

  • pintail ducks
  •  common teal & night heron
  • Cormorant
  • Darter
  • Indian shag
  • purple heron
  • gulls & terns
  • large egrets with pink neck
  •  intermediate egret
  • cattle egret
  • Indian pond heron
  •  pheasant-tailed jacanas
  • stork-billed kingfisher
  • watercock
  • whistling duck
  • cotton pygmy-goose
  • little cormorant
  • whiskered tern

This just an over view list of birds. But when travelling the island on boats and houseboat cruise the guests will surely love the beautiful chirping and noise combinations of these birds which is worth listening and the place worth visiting. The birds including many other migratory birds come from around the world which is a very rare seen that one can avail.


Vembanadu Backwaters

Vembanad kol backwaters are brackish water system which comprises of unique bio-diversity. The house boats cruise are always filled with different kinds of tourist. It features includes wetlands, ecosystem, bird views etc. The backwaters are one longest lake which comprises of many small islands like mulavukad, vallarpadam, etc. So the tourist can now enjoy other islands also in their boat ride.  Additionally, there’s also a boat race that is conducted in the portions of lake. So if the guests choose the right season they can even see the race. The wetlands of the backwaters are famous which has been under the National wetlands conservation program for its care and restoration.

It has many kettuvallams plied on with many bank resorts. The boat cruise will be interesting with bird sanctuary  view which is situated on the east of the lake. The vembanadu backwaters have international importance with many kinds of shrimps and other agricultural produce through it. Fishing is also done in the waters with high produce of fresh fishes.

There are many things worth seeing in the vembanadu backwaters boat cruise with additional services like day refreshment and other extra services for tourist wanting to stay long.

The boat cruise also rides through the small islands and other lakes so tourist can have many benefits in one boat ride like seeing many islands, lakes, sea, then other cultivations like shrimp, wetland view etc.

It also offers the bird sanctuary view which comprises of many migratory birds resting in the islands during the day time which is rare view. It also takes the tourist through many villages and other locations which makes the backwater boat cruise trip although more fascinating. The best time to visit the vembanadu backwaters or take the boat cruise is during Oman, which make the entire place alive with festive season lights and cultural programs.

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Kumarakam Backwaters: Houseboat Retreat

Kumarakam house boats-

Kumarakam houseboats are a wonderful experience for people who want to leave the city life stress, come, and rest in the tranquility and greenery surrounding between the lakes. Houseboats kumarakam services offer wide ranges of luxurious options as the houseboats are large and spacious with veranda and outer living room. Therefore, people can even enjoy a small family houseboat trip. The houseboats even have a bathroom attached to it. The boat is very slow moving and represents the best exotic era of kettuvallams.

The kumarakam houseboats provides various kinds of services to its tourists which includes sumptuous food, bath & towel, meditation & relaxation, various health rejuvenation like massages, nature therapy etc. The houseboats are made of natural products like bamboo mats, sticks, areca nut, coir mats and other wooden planks. It also includes solar panel of lightening. Latest boat cruise includes furnished bedrooms and cozy living room

Kumarakam house boat views-

Tourist can now enjoy the many scenery and views through the houseboats, which moves very slowly. They can view Arabian Sea, which is connected with the lake. Also attached with the island are many other small islands and a beautiful bird sanctuary with various kinds’ migratory birds. The rare view of birds is worth enjoying by the tourist.

Backwater retreat houseboats offer a 24-hour front desk and rooms, which are air-conditioned rooms, dinning and seating areas with TV. Tourist can enjoy, rest, see TV as well as other scenes on the boat.

They can have their evening coffee on the boat by viewing the scenario while the boat is slowly moving. The tourist can also site many other plantations of ecological and international importance like shrimps, hyacinths, agricultural produce etc.

Bird’s sanctuary offers wide range of live view of birds thriving on the island, hunting for fishes in the water etc.

Kumarakam house boat food services -

The houseboats offer wide range of food services to its tourist, which includes both traditional foods besides other items. Traditional food and snacks worth tasting are vattaypam, appam with stew, biryanis, puttu, chips etc.

Houseboat room services-

The houseboats provide various kinds of services as per the need and demand of the tourist. A centralized kitchen serves food on request. Services are also available for people wanting to dine in privacy. It includes 24-hour front desk room service.

Kumarakam house boat reservations and price list -

There are several services, which helps the tourist book the reservations. The hotel bookings need no agency fees. The process of payment is interest free through installments. The details of the tourist are protected always. Best price list are also available for tourist.

Additional price features includes -

  • Govt. taxes
  • rent + breakfast fees under continental plan
  • room rent, breakfast and either lunch or dinner under modified American plan
  • For extra person room charges will be 20% extra
  • For children6 to 12 years 10% fee of room tariff
  • Food rate will be 50% of actual rates per person
  • Adult will be charged full tariff

Food rate features -

  • Breakfast per person is 350/-+Taxes
  • Dinner per person is  550+Taxes
  • Christmas eve includes 1500/- + taxes per person
  • New year includes 1500/-+ taxes per person
  • Food rates are subject to change so it is advisable to cross verify.


 The kumarakam houseboats offers wide range of benefits and a very reasonable rate trip, which can be even taken for 2 days or one day. Besides this, other room services and various inclusions like TV and other dinning offers are very good.

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A trip to Allapuzha - Venice of East

Kuttanad is in Alappuzha District covered with backwaters and many more. It’s also famous for its golden paddy fields and farmers which is the highest source for the growth of paddies. Kuttanad is also called the rice bowl of Kerala. Alappuzha is situated in Alappuzha district in Kerala, Inia. It’s a major city and a main municipality in Kerala. Alappuzha stands third among all the districts in Kerala for its population and literacy. It’s the most clean town area in India. The city is about 29 kms from changanssery and 47 kms from Kottayam. Almost 85 kms from kochi airport and 148 kms from Trivandrum airport. The city mainly consists of backwaters, canals, beaches, rivers, temples, churches and much more. The first lighthouse in Kerala is situated in Allapuzha. Its therefore known as the Venice of the East by Lord Curzon which means Venetian capital of Kerala, India. Lord Curzon also called a Baron Curzon of Kedleton played an important role in British policy making. Malayalam is the local language here. Allapuzha is a major tourism attraction point in Kerala. Among them, backwaters of Alappuzha is the most popular among tourists and therefore it’s the main tourist spots in Kerala. A houseboat travel will be the best option for you to enjoy all the sightseeing spots in Allapuzha. A backwater cruise in Allapuzha will be connecting kumarakom and some parts of cochin and Kollam disctricts. Allapuzha is the main point for the Nehru trophy boat race which is held in Punnamada lake, Allapuzha. It’s a very popular boat races in Kerala, India. Other major attractions in Alleppey is the Beach, which is loved by all tourists, mainly the sunsets and includes Pathiramanal sightseeing islands. Many famous churches, temples, Palaces are situated in Allapuzha. Allappuzha is also a main traditional business locality in Kerala, India. Mostly famous for its houseboats. We can enjoy the backwater cruise in the calm waters with chirping sound of the birds with rich paddy fields aside Allapuzha have many traditional festivals also and its having the best climate in Kerala The best time to visit Allapuzha is September to March, During winter. It will be in the highest breeze in these times.
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Houseboat heaven in Kerala backwaters

A houseboat is the best option to explore and enjoy in the backwaters. It will be a wonderful experience for everyone who really want to enjoy the full beauty of nature. It’s a totally different feeling in the houseboat enjoying the backwaters, canals, rivers, lakes, paddy fields etc. It’s an unique travel journey which allows to sit back and enjoy the cool breeze in the backwaters. Houseboat was formerly called as ‘kettuvallams’ . This so called kettuvallams was once used mainly for transportation of goods like rice etc. This normal boats are now transformed into houseboats with luxuries facilities (including a/c, washroom, kitchen, bedrooms etc) There are almost 2000 plus houseboats now which carry people in the backwaters. Normally Houseboats are in different shapes and sizes. It comes in many categories too- Deluxe, premium, luxury etc based on the facilities they provide on each. All are designed for the comfortable stay and cruise. Its mainly made up of bamboos, ropes, coconut fibre etc. Some visitors stay for one night some stay for two, it depends upon people. A fulltime boat driver and cook will be there in the boat. Its very exciting and wonderful to enjoy the cruise in the backwaters. We can do fishing near the shores too. Many sight- seeing spots are available which includes the calm waters , native birds, green paddy fields, network of canals , scenic beauty in the nights, etc . We at the same time can see the day to day life of the local people living nearby the riverside. There are shops near the shores of the backwaters, local woman will be doing their washing and fishing in the water. The most amazing view is the sunsets in the Backwaters. The Kerala backwaters are actually naturally formed, Gods amazing creativity. The houseboat cruise is the wonderful option for all who are looking for a memorable and different vacation trip with your family. Its one of the highest preferred tour planning packages by the tourists who is coming to Kerala. Its indeed the most best way to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the backwaters. Truly it will be a lifetime experience which takes you to a totally different world which makes us feel the real ambience in nature Main attractions: • Ashtamudi backwaters • Kuttanad backwaters • Alleppey backwaters • Vembanad backwaters • Kumarakom backwaters It’s really an enxhating experience in the houseboats which attracts everyone to enjoy their holidays and its indeed a wonderful way to enjoy your vacation in the most memorable way with your family. Kerala is really, God’s own country
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Experience a Magical Vacation at Houseboat in Alleppey

Enjoy an incredible vacation by hiring a houseboat in Alleppey to plan a perfect vacation with your family and friends.

If you are planning a perfect vacation with your family to unwind, you should head to a houseboat in Alleppey. Alleppey, known as the Venice of the East, is where you can experience the rustic Kerala backwaters in houseboats. Enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Alleppey houseboat surrounded by nature’s beauty to unwind from your stress and relax with your family.

Alleppey -Backwater Paradise

Enjoy a ride in Alleppey houseboat through the longest lake in India called the Vembanad Lake, which flows across Alleppey to experience nature in all its glory. Surround yourself with relaxing backwaters and the chirping of rare species of birds by staying in the Alleppey houseboat. The picturesque location of Alleppey houseboats promises an unforgettable vacation to relax and enjoy.

What can you experience by holidaying in Alleppey Houseboats?

The Alleppey houseboat provides a homely along with luxurious experience for its occupants. You can enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the location while relaxing in a splendid houseboat upgraded with modern-day facilities. The experience of staying in a grand Alleppey houseboat will be memorable and soothing.

Luxurious Relaxation in a Houseboat

Rent a luxurious houseboat in Alleppey that floats on the Vembanad lake. Floating along the beautiful backwaters in a lavish houseboat will be an extraordinary lifetime experience. The comfortable deluxe interiors will help you enjoy the trip in luxury, making it a worthwhile experience. Relax in the gorgeous backwaters with a gentle boat ride to experience the beautiful sights.

The stay will allow you to experience the spectacular beauty of luscious nature in all its glory. Capture the beauty on your camera to create memorable photographs of your beautiful getaway. Just escape from the everyday world to experience the exotic phenomenon of floating on the backwaters.

Experience the beauty of nature

A beautiful ride on the backwaters will allow you to experience the luscious fervor of nature at its best. Feel the relaxed ambiance of the still backwaters and witness the stunning beauty of Kerala’s natural landscape. If you want to experience the surreal beauty of the region, then the Alleppey houseboats help you relive the moment.

The stunning natural greenery will leave you feeling peaceful and calming during your stay. You can capture incredibly unforgettable memories to be cherished forever.

Visit Stunning Places

While cruising through the backwaters, one can relax while enjoying the incredible picture-postcard scenery. Enjoy the captivating glory of the beautiful coconut landscape surrounded by water. The lovely sights will make your experience truly memorable.

While staying on the houseboat, you can visit pristine beaches, stunning rice plantations, and picture-perfect nature framed in all its glory. You can go visit and explore the tourist attractions near Alleppey like Alleppey lighthouse, Krishnapuram Palace, or the picturesque islands dotted along the backwaters.


Engage your Taste Buds

Experience the refined hospitality that you will find in hotels during your stay in Alleppey houseboats. Dig into the fresh backwater fish to absolutely relish your vacation in the houseboat. One can also visit the restaurants dotted on the banks of the lake to taste freshly cooked fish.

Explore the divine, local delicacies in Alleppey while staying in the houseboat. Enjoy all the aspects of Kerala’s mellifluous beauty with delicious dishes that belong to Kerala. Try the Kerala Sadya, puttu, and kadala, biryani to feel thoroughly recharged.

Alleppey Houseboats are Safe

The houseboats are equipped with complete safety measures to make sure you can have a good time with your family. The houseboat crews ensure complete privacy during your stay, while taking care of all your needs. The houseboats come equipped with complete safety measures to protect your family.

Book your Vacation Now

The enchanting natural beauty of the serene backwaters makes the Alleppey houseboat vacation a perfect destination to truly relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday.

The experience of floating in the calm stillness of the houseboats in Alleppey is truly unique and memorable. The absolutely scenic spots you pass by in houseboats with villages and paddy fields makes it an incredibly relaxing experience.

Book a day trip to enjoy the beautiful scenery. But if you want a wholesome feel of the Alleppey backwaters, you need to book a houseboat in Alleppey for an overnight stay. This will allow you to relish a fulfilling experience. is Kerala’s number 1 boathouse booking platform, which provides an extensive collection of houseboats to pick from. Make your vacation a smooth and pleasurable experience with our exclusive packages for you.

The experience of staying in a houseboat in Alleppey is sure to be absolute bliss. The breath-taking beauty of greenery accompanied by the soothing stillness of the backwaters offer the best idyllic settings required for a memorable vacation.

Plan a trip with your loved ones to have a fun time unwinding and relaxing in a luxurious houseboat. The once-in-a-lifetime experience will be a cherished memory forever.

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